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Air Duct Cleaning by Indoor Air Care

Did you know that if your air duct is improperly cleaned, your indoor air quality will be degraded? Using incorrect tools and gadgets like household mops might just cause even more damages to the equipment. And instead of removing dirt out of it, you might just end up putting more dirt on the equipment. Sure, you might be able to save money if you clean it up yourself but you will just end up spending more money in the long run. The best option is to hire a professional for the air duct cleaning service. We at Indoor Air Care will be able to remove all the dust and debris in your HVAC system to prevent them from being released into your indoor air and contaminate the atmosphere in your home.

State of the Art Equipment

We at Indoor Air Care makes use of state of the art vacuum equipment and other devices that can help to clean up your air ducts and vents and restore it back to its immaculate condition. But the best thing about us is that the cleaning solutions that we use are safe and effective. They do not contain any damaging chemicals that are a threat to the environment and to your health as well. We are also equipped with the necessary tools and devices that can make the air duct replacement easier and more efficient. When you call us, we can send over a team of cleaning specialists to your house to do the necessary inspections and after that, we will evaluate your HVAC equipment to assess if the ducts and vents need cleaning or if they need to be totally replaced.

Safe Cleaning Products

Most of the air duct cleaning companies of today are using damaging chemicals when treating air vents and ducts. The fumes from these chemicals will be released into your indoor air and can cause damaging effects on your health once inhaled. This is certainly not a good thing especially if you have small kids at home. Although these products are truly effective, they will greatly diminish the health benefits of a proper air duct cleaning service. Recently, the US Environment Protection Agency has warned against the use of harmful and toxic chemicals when it comes to air duct cleaning. With Indoor Air Care, you can be assured that your family will remain safe since the products that we use for cleaning do not contain any harmful chemicals. We use treatments that are safe and natural, with PH-balanced enzyme cleansers that will help to disinfect your air venting systems. With these products, you, your family and even our team of cleaning specialists will not suffer from any serious illnesses brought about by those toxic cleaning products.

Highly Trained Professionals

When looking for an air duct cleaning specialist, it is important that you choose the company well. You can be assured that Indoor Air Care is composed of highly trained professionals that are certified to perform air duct replacement and cleaning services. Our cleaning specialists are highly certified and are well trained for the tasks. We will make sure to evaluate your HVAC system and we will determine the issue before we start to clean or replace the equipment. As soon as we have determined the issue, we will come up with a customized cleaning solution that is suitable for you. We will make sure to improve your home's indoor air quality and we will leave you with an absolute peace of mind.

Wide Range of Air Duct Cleaning Services

We at Indoor Air Care offers a wide range of air duct cleaning services suitable for both commercial and residential properties. We also specialize in mold and rodent removal services and if we believe that your air ducts and air vents are contaminated, our team of cleaning specialists will first determine the issue before we even start with cleaning or refurbishing your equipment. That way, the issue will be avoided and will no longer happen again in the future. Aside from air duct cleaning, we also provide a wide range of services, such as air duct replacement, dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair, asbestos abatement, attic insulation cleaning and replacement, and many more. We all desire to live in a healthy and comfortable environment and the best way to achieve this is to keep our indoor air clean and free from all those harmful bacteria so do not take air duct cleaning services for granted. You may not realize its importance now, but do not wait for the time to come that you or any of your family members will get sick because of those dusts and debris that are lingering in your HVAC system. Air duct cleaning by Indoor Air Care is the kind of service that you need to keep your home safe. Getting your air ducts cleaned by us will also lead to great savings in your day to day electricity consumption.